What is Amazon Studios?

Amazon Studios is developing feature films and episodic series in a new way, one that's open to great ideas from creators around the world. There are two distinctive characteristics of our process:
  • There are a lot of great ideas in Hollywood, but not everyone can be there or get their work into the right hands. Amazon Studios is open to ideas from around the world. We are proud to have recognized talented writers and filmmakers in the US, Canada, the UK, China, Zimbabwe, the Dominican Republic and other countries.
  • We invite the audience in early. Amazon Studios seeks feedback about projects and ideas, even in their earliest stages. And to reach the most people, we try to shape stories into a form that is short, or visual, or both. We will test premises, storyboards, posters, videos, test movies, pilots, promos, and other formats to see what people think. Scripts are critically important in development, but they are just not accessible to most audiences.
Visit us at https://studios.amazon.com!

Is Storywriter really free?

Yes! There are no costs associated with using Amazon Storywriter.

How can I invite someone to read my script?

When you’d like to get feedback on your script from a trusted friend or writing partner, or are ready to submit it to a producer or studio, you can now share your drafts directly from within Amazon Storywriter. All you need is the recipient’s email address. To share a draft, select the title menu and click “Share…”. Enter the email address of the person or people you wish to share your draft with. They’ll receive an email notification with a personalized link to access your script in Amazon Storywriter.

How do I remove a reviewer’s access to a shared script?

You may remove a reviewer’s access to any draft by selecting “Share” from a draft’s menu. You may remove a reviewer’s access to all drafts you have shared with them by selecting “Manage connections” from the profile menu, then clicking the “X” near their name.

What information does a reviewer see when I share a script?

When you share a draft with a reviewer, the reviewer will be shown your profile name and the email address associated with your Amazon account. If they accept the shared draft, they’ll also be able to see the draft’s title and contents. While you may revoke a reviewer’s access at any time, it’s possible to make a copy of a draft (even by re-typing it) while it’s shared. Just as with sharing via other means, you should only share your drafts with people you trust.

I received a notification that someone is sharing a draft with me. How does this work?

When you receive a shared draft, you may accept or decline it. If you don’t recognize the sender, you may not want to accept it. If you accept a shared draft, it will appear in your Review dashboard.

Can I use Storywriter on my phone or tablet?

You can access and read your screenplays on your phone or tablet. We format your script to look gorgeous on your device's screen - no more panning and zooming PDFs! To edit your script, you must be using a compatible web browser on a Mac or PC. For best results, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Not all features may be available using Internet Explorer.

Can I use Amazon Storywriter without an internet connection?

Yes, you can use Amazon Storywriter on Chromebooks without an Internet connection by installing the free Amazon Storywriter Chrome App. Please see our tutorial here.

Why is the Chrome App no longer available on Mac or PC?

Unfortunately, Google is shutting down access to all Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux beginning in 2018. Read more here.

How do I report a bug or suggest a feature?

Contact us here. You can also do this anywhere in Amazon Storywriter by clicking on your name in the header and selecting the "Contact Us" option from the menu that appears.

Is my script safe?

Yes. Amazon encrypts your screenplay when storing it in the cloud. We will not access or read your script unless you submit it to us for consideration. To further protect your work, you can also register your materials with the Writer's Guild of America.